Sunday, 22 July 2012

5 Songs I Like This Week

1. In The Flowers by Animal Collective -This was released in 2009 and I am gutted its taken me so long to hear it, its an amazing song by an amazing band which starts as something quiet and builds into a climax that makes you see where The Maccabees got inspiration for Given To The Wild. Infact it was Orlando Weeks who turned me onto this band (via an interview, not face to face regretfully)
2. Sleep Alone by Two Door Cinema Club - the new 2dcc song is everything you could hope for and expect  from the band, keeping their signature sound but developing it enough that it sounds current and exciting.
3. Up From Below by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros - After watching Big Easy Express (read what I thought below) I had this song in my head for days. Its summery, uplifting and quirky, and their live performance of it blew me away
4. Fail For You by Luke Sital-Singh - I heard this from Nylon's Good Listener feature (seriously check it out if you havent yet, its the best place for new music), and instantly fell in love. His harmonies are reminiscent of Bon Iver and his lyrics are beautiful.
5. Channel Orange by Frank Ocean - I know that's the album, not a song but I just couldn't choose one song. I have never been so quickly addicted to an album, and out of the 17 songs there is not one which I dislike. It fits every mood, every time of day - I just love it. If I had to recommend a few key songs I would say Thinking About You, Sweet Life, Bad Religion and Forrest Gump, but seriously buy the album, you wont regret it !!


  1. two door is sooo good! would love to see them live soon xx

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