Sunday, 22 July 2012

5 Songs I Like This Week

1. In The Flowers by Animal Collective -This was released in 2009 and I am gutted its taken me so long to hear it, its an amazing song by an amazing band which starts as something quiet and builds into a climax that makes you see where The Maccabees got inspiration for Given To The Wild. Infact it was Orlando Weeks who turned me onto this band (via an interview, not face to face regretfully)
2. Sleep Alone by Two Door Cinema Club - the new 2dcc song is everything you could hope for and expect  from the band, keeping their signature sound but developing it enough that it sounds current and exciting.
3. Up From Below by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros - After watching Big Easy Express (read what I thought below) I had this song in my head for days. Its summery, uplifting and quirky, and their live performance of it blew me away
4. Fail For You by Luke Sital-Singh - I heard this from Nylon's Good Listener feature (seriously check it out if you havent yet, its the best place for new music), and instantly fell in love. His harmonies are reminiscent of Bon Iver and his lyrics are beautiful.
5. Channel Orange by Frank Ocean - I know that's the album, not a song but I just couldn't choose one song. I have never been so quickly addicted to an album, and out of the 17 songs there is not one which I dislike. It fits every mood, every time of day - I just love it. If I had to recommend a few key songs I would say Thinking About You, Sweet Life, Bad Religion and Forrest Gump, but seriously buy the album, you wont regret it !!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Big Easy Express

I have just finished watching Big Easy Express, a film by Emmet Malloy about the week and a half when Mumford & Sons, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and Old Crow Medicine Show embarked on the Railroad Revival Tour across America. If, like me you love folk and country music, you will love this film. shot in a mix of colour and black and white, with beautiful vintage style cinematography throughout, watching it is like being sucked into an hour long dream of idyllic americana. It's uplifting, moving and beautiful, and my only criticism would possibly be that it wasnt long enough !
Of course I managed to squeeze some fashpiration out of the film aswell, and this came mainly from Jade and Nora of Edward Sharpe. Although they have different styles, they both have a gypsy, hippie, bohemian aesthetic which appealed a lot to me and inspired the set below..
big easy express

1. Tunic by Sophia Kokosalacki at ASOS, £60
2. Rucksack by Urban Outfitters, £48
3. Skirt by Topshop, £30
4. Top by Urban Outfitters, £40
5. Necklace by Topshop, £12
6. Dress by Kimchi Blue at ASOS, £85

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Street Style Aesthetic featuring me !

A few weeks ago I went to Graduate fashion Week (read about that here) and was snapped by Wayne Tippets, of Street Style Aesthetic.  I was very honoured as I read the blog regularly, and previous subjects have been Alexa Chung, Lulu Kennedy, Susie Lau etc. I was wearing my beloved band of Gypsies at ASOS kimono, Blitz London shorts and New Look wedges.

Monday, 25 June 2012

5 Songs I Like This Week

1. Breezeblocks by Alt-J - recommended by NME, this super-catchy song has been in my head all week, and mixes Grizzly Bear esque vocals with Everything Everything style electronics. Listen here.
2. I'll Be Alright by Passion Pit - another song from their new album, and just as upbeat and summery as 'Take a Walk', this is making me very excited about seeing them at Reading festival. Listen here.
3. Lift Off by Jay Z, Kanye West & Beyonce - doesn't really need any explanation, just watch Jay Zs epic performance at Hackney Weekend on Saturday. Also I want to be adopted by Jay Z and Beyonce. Listen here.
4. Shake It Out by Capital Children's Choir - a beautiful cover of possibly my favourite FATM song. Listen here.
5. Liquorice by Azealia Banks - I could still listen to 212 on repeat and not get bored, but for those who want some new Azealia stuff to listen to, this doesn't disappoint. The video is amazing aswell, shot by none other than Rankin and featuring Azealia sporting some of SS12s biggest trends. Listen here.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Graduate Fashion Week 2012

Earlier in the week, I entered an Elle Competition to win tickets to Graduate Fashion Week, by writing about what British Fashion meant to me, and won !! I was very excited, and me and my friend Ellie went down to Earls Court on Wednesday to see the exhibition. I was in my element pottering around and looking at the stunning work on display and also checking out future universties and courses! I also got a picture taken by Wayne Tippetts of Street style Aesthetic :)
Then there was a talk with Henry Holland, who I've always been a huge fan of, and I'm pleased to say he seemed lovely, and made everyone laugh lots (unlike Julian Macdonald, who also spoke and lived up to my expectations of being a bit of an idiot).
After that, there was the Gala show, a compilation of the best student's work and my first proper show !! (Westfield ones don't count do they?). We had seats in the front row of the non-vip section, and I got very excited when I could see Mary Kantrantzou, Daphne Guinness, and Matthew Williamson from my seat - sadly most of my friends did not appreciate how exciting this was.
The shows were all phenomenal, and made me see both how bright the future is, but also how competitive the fashion industry is becoming. My absolute favourites were Jousianne Propp, who created amazing textural and bright pieces, and Amelia Smith, whose Russian-doll inspired creations were so intricate ad beautiful, like the Regina Spektor song she used as a soundtrack. Others that caught my eye were Zhu Liyuanzi, Roz Lamkin, Amy Holden, Charli Cohen, Emma Beaumont and Georgina Kennedy. 
The day was topped off by a delightful visit to one of my favourite cafes, The Blueird in Chelsea, where me and Ellie enjoyed mocktails and sorbets in a rare window of sunshine, whilst watching the football on the bigscreen and sitting at a table next to none other than Jamie Laing!! It must also be noted that on the way there, a street style blogger stopped to snap me, and kept asking me to shake my hair in front of my face - very odd!
In all, an extremely fun day which I will not be forgetting any time soon, and has cemented my dream of working in fashion.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

5 Songs I Like This Week :)

1.  Heart in your Heartbreak by The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - heard this on Made in Chelsea (their music dept are in the know) and loved it instantly. Super catchy and summery - my 5 spotify listens were gone within a day.
2. Latchmere by The Maccabees - in honour of their awesome, and rare performance of it last night (see below), and because I was shocked that even some hardcore fans had never heard this brilliant song.
3. Man On Fire by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - the first single of the new album, beautiful, uplifting and perfect :)
4. Take a Walk by Passion Pit - in the words of Eoghan McDermott 'how could you not like this song'
5. Second Hand by We Were Evergreen- a new French band, mixing catchy beats with beautiful harmonies, I have Nylon to thank for this !

The Maccabees 08/06/12

There are not many words to describe Alexandra Palace last night, but it was one of the best nights of my life. One row back, face to face with Orlando Weeks (who is even more perfect in real life) and surrounded by passionate fans, I lost my friend in the mosh after the first song, but it didn't even matter. Playing the longest set they've ever done, you could tell it was as emotional for them as it was for me. I dont think Ive ever been so ecstatically happy and physically uncomfortable at the same time. 
Highlights: -  swaying toothpaste kisses (a song they haven't performed in years, which was made even more perfect by the imperfections due to lack of practise)
- dancing like a crazy person to Latchmere
-bouncing to X-Ray
-orlando 'It has to end at some point, otherwise we'll all be here forever and you'd get bored' (after the crowd complained about the show ending)
- the smiles on Orlando and Felix's faces throughout.
What I wore:  vintage crop top, velvet topshop hotpants, white converse

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

5 Songs I Like This Week

1. R U Mine by Arctic Monkeys - I love the arctic monkeys, but I thought the last album was kind of dull compared to the first two, especially their debut which is one of my favourite albums ever. However their new song is definitely back on form.
2. Goodbye Kiss by Lana Del Rey (Kasabian Cover) - I was going to put the original in here, because its so beautiful and different to any other Kasabian song I've heard, but then I saw this, and I was blown away. I dont know if its better but her voice suits it so beautifully It even gets Serge from the bands approval.
3. anything by Oberhofer - thats not a song title, I just mean I'm listening to everything I can find by him, which sadly isn't that much. he's a 21 year old from brooklyn with a really quirky voice and great rythms, and hes kinda hot too.
4.Yeah Yeah by Willy Moon - this song is so hard to describe because its so different to anything else I can think of. I guess it sounds like an upbeat, more feel-good Miles Kane, but you'll have to listen to find out..
5. 1957 by Milo Greene - a folk band from LA who I heard about on Nylon, their songs are the perfect spring listening.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Look what I found!

Ever since I saw these gorgeous Charlotte Olympia pumps

I've been looking for a cheaper equivalant, and I finally found some at, for only £24 !
They also do great versions of Jeffrey Campbells Litas!

Friday, 24 February 2012

Marni for H&M

I've been really excited for the latest H&M/designer collaboration, because as opposed to some of their previous collaborations, the clothes are easy to wear, and really reasonably priced. If you havent seen the short film, shot by Sofia Coppola, then watch it now ! The piece I want most is probably the tee below, because its so bright and summery. I love the swimsuit (worn underneath) aswell !