Tuesday, 24 April 2012

5 Songs I Like This Week

1. R U Mine by Arctic Monkeys - I love the arctic monkeys, but I thought the last album was kind of dull compared to the first two, especially their debut which is one of my favourite albums ever. However their new song is definitely back on form.
2. Goodbye Kiss by Lana Del Rey (Kasabian Cover) - I was going to put the original in here, because its so beautiful and different to any other Kasabian song I've heard, but then I saw this, and I was blown away. I dont know if its better but her voice suits it so beautifully It even gets Serge from the bands approval.
3. anything by Oberhofer - thats not a song title, I just mean I'm listening to everything I can find by him, which sadly isn't that much. he's a 21 year old from brooklyn with a really quirky voice and great rythms, and hes kinda hot too.
4.Yeah Yeah by Willy Moon - this song is so hard to describe because its so different to anything else I can think of. I guess it sounds like an upbeat, more feel-good Miles Kane, but you'll have to listen to find out..
5. 1957 by Milo Greene - a folk band from LA who I heard about on Nylon, their songs are the perfect spring listening.

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  1. I, instead like 1975 by Incognito .... :)