Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Maccabees 08/06/12

There are not many words to describe Alexandra Palace last night, but it was one of the best nights of my life. One row back, face to face with Orlando Weeks (who is even more perfect in real life) and surrounded by passionate fans, I lost my friend in the mosh after the first song, but it didn't even matter. Playing the longest set they've ever done, you could tell it was as emotional for them as it was for me. I dont think Ive ever been so ecstatically happy and physically uncomfortable at the same time. 
Highlights: -  swaying toothpaste kisses (a song they haven't performed in years, which was made even more perfect by the imperfections due to lack of practise)
- dancing like a crazy person to Latchmere
-bouncing to X-Ray
-orlando 'It has to end at some point, otherwise we'll all be here forever and you'd get bored' (after the crowd complained about the show ending)
- the smiles on Orlando and Felix's faces throughout.
What I wore:  vintage crop top, velvet topshop hotpants, white converse

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