Sunday, 17 June 2012

Graduate Fashion Week 2012

Earlier in the week, I entered an Elle Competition to win tickets to Graduate Fashion Week, by writing about what British Fashion meant to me, and won !! I was very excited, and me and my friend Ellie went down to Earls Court on Wednesday to see the exhibition. I was in my element pottering around and looking at the stunning work on display and also checking out future universties and courses! I also got a picture taken by Wayne Tippetts of Street style Aesthetic :)
Then there was a talk with Henry Holland, who I've always been a huge fan of, and I'm pleased to say he seemed lovely, and made everyone laugh lots (unlike Julian Macdonald, who also spoke and lived up to my expectations of being a bit of an idiot).
After that, there was the Gala show, a compilation of the best student's work and my first proper show !! (Westfield ones don't count do they?). We had seats in the front row of the non-vip section, and I got very excited when I could see Mary Kantrantzou, Daphne Guinness, and Matthew Williamson from my seat - sadly most of my friends did not appreciate how exciting this was.
The shows were all phenomenal, and made me see both how bright the future is, but also how competitive the fashion industry is becoming. My absolute favourites were Jousianne Propp, who created amazing textural and bright pieces, and Amelia Smith, whose Russian-doll inspired creations were so intricate ad beautiful, like the Regina Spektor song she used as a soundtrack. Others that caught my eye were Zhu Liyuanzi, Roz Lamkin, Amy Holden, Charli Cohen, Emma Beaumont and Georgina Kennedy. 
The day was topped off by a delightful visit to one of my favourite cafes, The Blueird in Chelsea, where me and Ellie enjoyed mocktails and sorbets in a rare window of sunshine, whilst watching the football on the bigscreen and sitting at a table next to none other than Jamie Laing!! It must also be noted that on the way there, a street style blogger stopped to snap me, and kept asking me to shake my hair in front of my face - very odd!
In all, an extremely fun day which I will not be forgetting any time soon, and has cemented my dream of working in fashion.


  1. you are so lucky! i'm so jealous:(

  2. Of Jamie or GFW haha ? If its GFW then you should get tickets next year, I think you could buy them for like £20 this year :) xx